Construction Services

While we offer a number of services in a variety of market segments, we are a construction company at the end of the day. And, of course, that means we offer a variety of construction-related services which are offered to our clients. Commercial construction is where our passion lies, and that passion comes through in the quality of our work. No matter what kind of task you turn over to our team, you can expect it to be completed in a timely and professional manner. We take great pride in all of our projects, and that pride shows in the finished product.

The various construction-related services we offer are listed below.


This is, of course, the bread-and-butter of the operation. When all of the planning and preparation has been done, we will get down to the actual work of constructing your building. Of, if the project at hand is a renovation, we will get to work on transforming the current space into something which matches with your vision and needs. Our focus during any construction project is always placed first and foremost on the quality of the work. Not only do we want to do the job on time and on budget, but we also want to do it right the first time. Our commitment to quality is what has satisfied so many past clients over the years. Sadly, there are many contractors who are happy to just get the job done, no matter what the finished product looks like. That will never be the case with Eldorado. We love what we do, and we want you to love the final product just as much as we do.

Construction Management

Depending on the size of your project, there may be a large number of workers on site at any given time during the construction project. To make sure that everything is progressing properly, our construction management team will be in charge from start to finish. Even the best construction workers need guidance throughout the day, as they are playing an individual role within the larger team. Good construction companies manage to have all workers moving in the same direction, and we certainly strive for that goal.


Before starting any construction project, you need to have a clear picture of what the total costs will be for the job. Estimating is an important first step, as you have to know whether or not your idea for the project will be viable for the budget you have available. Again, this is another area where the expertise of Eldorado Construction Consulting can be seen. It takes experience to accurately estimate large jobs, and we can do just that. No estimator can perfectly predict all costs which may arise, but we do our best to provide you with a realistic look at the budget we expect to be required in order to complete the job.

Project Management

Construction projects are incredibly complicated, which is why project management is required to navigate the job from start to finish. With various sub-contractors, suppliers, and more all involved in the project, our management team will keep everyone on the same page so the job can proceed as planned. Most of the delays which occur on construction sites come as a result of miscommunication, so we work hard to make sure everyone is working together seamlessly. It is in the area of project management where our experience comes to the forefront. With many years of quality construction work in our past, Eldorado Construction Consulting can properly manage even the largest of job sites.

Value Engineering

If you haven’t previously heard of the term ‘value engineering’, you aren’t alone. This is somewhat of a new concept in the construction world, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The value engineering process takes place early on in the project, usually while the design is in process. You stand to save significant costs when value engineering is used, and you may find that the overall outcome of the project is improved as well. If you would like to learn more about how our value engineering efforts can help your next project, please contact us at your convenience.

Bid Negotiations

Every single cost within the overall construction project needs to be controlled and negotiated if you are going to wind up on budget when all is said and done. One of the skills we bring to the table is the ability to negotiate bids with subcontractors and suppliers. You certainly don’t have the time to handle this task, and you probably lack the experience to perform this function effectively. Not to worry – we have the experience to negotiate fair prices, and we will make it our mission to save you money without ever sacrificing on the quality of the project.

Eldorado Construction Consulting would be proud to take on your upcoming construction job. No matter what kind of commercial project is in question, our combination of experience and knowledge will help you arrive at a successful conclusion. Thank you for learning more about our services – we hope to speak with you soon!